New Year’s Call 2019

Calling all Team Bond members!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s the time for all of Team Bond International to get together for the annual New Year’s Call! This year we have speakers spanning from the United States of America to South Korea and beyond! We will also have a few special guest speakers, so be prepared! To join the call, please contact your upline for further instructions.


The times for the call are:
USA – Jan 14th

CA- 8:00 pm
NY- 11:00 pm
UT- 9:00 pm

ASIA – Jan 15th

Jakarta and Bangkok- 11:00 am
Kuala Lumpur- 12:00 pm
South Korea and Japan- 1:00 pm

AUSTRALIA – Jan 15th

Sydney- 3:00 pm


Have a very happy New Year and we hope to see you on our call!