Team Bond International Dr. Timothy Chu visits China cities: Wuhan, Nantong and Shanghai

April 10 – April 17, 2013

Wuhan, Nantong and Shanghai

We would like to thank Dr. Timothy Chu for his outstanding commitment and dedication in leading his team to HUGE success in building the new market in China. Just like in the past few years, Dr. Tim Chu took the initiative to visit new cities such as Guanzhou and Fuzhou where he had helped build a few strong 4life leaders. This time, Dr. Chu was invited to visit Wuhan, Nantong and Shanghai. Without hesitation, he went to meet new enrollee’s in these 3 cities in April 2013. These new 4Life enrollee’s showed much respect and appreciation to Dr. Chu’s enthusiasm of presenting 4Life Transfer Factor to them. So much so that he is welcome back again by these new enrollee’s in China.